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Aluminium Zinc Pressure Die Casting Parts by Star Auto Solutions

Being a pro in configuring a desired design with required quality; Star Auto Solutions have made a remarkable impact in the industry of engineered products. We have always met a client’s requirement without delay and the same promise holds true for our die casting engineering.

Simple science about die casting says it is a process of metal casting—where molten metal is poured into mould cavities under high pressure. And second important point is that these are made out of non-ferrous metals. So, zinc, aluminium, lead, copper, magnesium and tin alloys are used for creating die casting parts.

Precision engineering for die casting is possible through up-to-date infrastructure. Apart from customer satisfaction, we continuously work towards value engineering. We at Star Auto are engaged in research, improvement and upgradation of our products by new equipment and technology. This prepares us to face challenges and give standard product to our valued customers.

Each product is taken care with an aim to provide durability and strength. We concentrate on saving cost for our customers and give them best in technology. You can rely on us for aluminium housings, Chassis brackets, aluminium brackets, aluminium pumps, aluminium hub covers, and aluminium frame covers, aluminium die casting products, industrial aluminium connectors, and white goods industry parts. We also supply the products with powder coating or wet painting.

We have developed a niche in delivering customized products. We are quite flexible and fast in providing products either of high strength or leak proof or low porosity or any other.

Further our trained and professional engineers take guarantee of quality and timely delivery of products. Each product is checked for quality by our team of engineers before being dispatched from workshop. Each is graded and then sent to sales and marketing team.

At Star Auto Solutions, life is not easy for our technicians and engineers; they are continuously working to bring an improvement. Every day is a new challenge for them and our engineers are forever studying any new technological breakthrough in die casting, so they can incorporate it and deliver highly advance, durable and low cost maintenance products.

Aluminium Die Casting Products Die Casting Parts Aluminium Zinc Pressure Die Casting Parts
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